In the Partizansky district, several economic programs are implemented at once

In the Partizansky district, several economic programs are implemented at once

In Partizansky urban district, where in addition to the city there are several more municipalities, with the support of the region several economic programs are being successfully implemented. From the restoration of the sports infrastructure to the rare experience for Russia with shared construction. Here, bold young entrepreneurs are opening up a unique production based on deep wood processing. And experienced greenhouse farmers promise to feed vegetables not only in the south of Primorye.

Happiness - when you can choose your own apartment. Minisabit Faritov his 46 square meters awaited 11 years. Ever since he entered the mining program of resettlement from barracks to new housing. Construction of the neighborhood on Zamaraeva Street stopped in 2012th. The problem is common for Russia. Only defrauded co-investors from Primorye Partizansk, a single-industry city, in which all the mines closed, could not even temporarily replace their wreckers with removable rooms. They just tolerated, waited and hoped.
Minisabit Faritov, Novosel: "I always hoped, and came here, and the administration fiddled with it."
House on Zamaraev 20/1. The Faritovs have two rooms and a loggia, on which they have already installed a wooden floor, thanks to the team of NGCh-5, where the head of the family works. Everything else - plumbing, wallpaper, linoleum, as they say, turnkey. And every step to new settlers brings joy.
Raisa Faritova, Novosel: "I really like the door, that without any incisions, that it is light, and the handle is directly on request, round" ...

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