"The House of Friendship" want to build coastal Koreans in Vladivostok.

On October 26, the annual Congress of the Peoples of Primorsky Krai will start. Representatives of 128 nationalities will gather for the fifth time to tell about their culture, traditions and history. The Korean diaspora is one of the most numerous in our region. How will its representatives surprise the guests of the Congress?
"Arirang" is a song about the sadness and hope of the Korean people. It is sung both in the North and in the South.
Larissa Ohay, representative of the Association of Korean Organizations of the Primorsky Territory: "Arirang is a crossing, or a pass. Where they want to meet. Divided the same people. Two countries, one nation. "
The common culture, traditions and national cuisine is almost the only thing that unites both Koreas. Hamul chon - pancakes with vegetables and seafood. On the master class, the daughters of Korean immigrants are happy to share the subtleties of the recipe for this simple but tasty dish.
De Tahesuk, representative of the Association of Korean Organizations of the Primorye Territory: "At first the vegetables were chopped finely. Postponed. Seafood is also finely chopped. Postponed. Flours need a little bit. Much does not need to be not tough. And then we beat the eggs. And fry. Can be large pieces. You can be small, like pancakes. "

News source: http://vestiprim.ru/news/ptrnews/56097-dom-druzhby-hotyat-postroit-primorskie-koreycy-vo-vladivostoke.html

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