The vocal group "Bereginya" has been keeping the traditions of its people in Primorye for many years.

The vocal group

With the Ukrainian song do not leave for ten years. Vocal group "Bereginya" in Vladivostok is preparing to participate in the Sorochintsy fair, which will open already this weekend. Now the vocalists are actively rehearsing to surprise the audience with a new repertoire.
Bright folk costumes immediately immerse in the world of Ukrainian culture. Emilia Nikulina moved to Russia from western Ukraine 15 years ago. First, she lived with her family in Magadan, and then moved to another maritime city - Vladivostok. Here I met like-minded people and joined a big and friendly team of "Bereginya".
Emilia Nikulina, a member of the collective "Bereginya": "Do not forget our hurry, readmov. Yak mama us in kolisochke rolled, wondered and sang and tse we on the wiki memorized the readme of the Kolskov, the very soul of our hour - the writing of Ukrainian and we live by that ".
Each party is divided into several votes. Funny Ukrainian motifs are stories about the love, nature and life of ordinary rural workers. At the same time the repertoire of the collective is constantly replenished.
Traditions of the distant homeland in the capital of Primorye are stored not only with the help of language and songs. Each of the participants of the team is an excellent hostess and knows hundreds of recipes of Ukrainian dishes. In the songwriting national cuisine was reflected as brightly as other subjects.

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