The" School of the Young Leader of Primorye "discussed the opposition to the spread of extremism.


In Vladivostok, "School of the Young Leader - 2017" gathered about 50 Primorye residents. For the first time, the event took place within the framework of the permanent seminar "Primorye: Peoples, Religions, Society" with the support of the Assembly of Peoples of the Krai and the Primorsky Administration. At one of the lessons our film crew visited.
Young teachers, students, schoolchildren, representatives of public national associations gathered in the regional center to learn how to preserve the cultural values, customs and identity of all nationalities living in Primorye. And there are a lot of them in our province - 158. Great attention was paid by the future leaders to the prevention of extremism.
Vugar Mammadov, representative of the Azerbaijani diaspora "Dostlug", Vladivostok: "The leader must suppress in every possible way, I believe, attempts to extremism and strive to create peace in society. I believe that the national policy should be aimed at uniting people of different nationalities living in the Russian Federation. "
As the meeting participants noted, today youth extremism is the views and behavior of young people, based on the cultivation of the principle of force, aggression towards others, including violence and murder. Members of informal youth extremist groups, along with young people, are sometimes girls who have been lured by the sweet words about a better life through social networks.

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