Voluntary Marine Cleaning Day held by divers in Vladivostok

Voluntary Marine Cleaning Day held by divers in Vladivostok

The international marine cleaning day was supported by the participants of an ecological project “Ocean without borders”.It is a usual thing for divers to clean the bottom from the garbage. But safety is the main priority for them. Before the immersion, the divers check the equipment. The safe depth for a person is 2.5 m so it is possible to step on the bottom without damage.

Different activities were held and organised by the department of the environment of Primoskii Krai in various parts of the city. It was not easy to interview divers, as they were very busy helping and looking after their colleagues.

The first dangerous object that was found was too heavy to lift alone so it had to be lifted by three divers. The participants say that the most unusual things can be found in the waters of the port of Vladivostok. 

The main purpose of this cleaning day was to make people aware of the polluted waters of their city. 

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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