Rosavia came up with ways to return Russians home

Rosavia came up with ways to return Russians home

The Federal Air Transport Agency held a meeting on the organization of flights of Russian airlines in conditions of the imposed restrictions on air traffic to a number of countries in Europe and Canada. 

Rosavia works on humanitarian flights that will transfer Russians home from European countries. 

"Humanitarian flights will be possible if positive decisions will be taken by the aviation authorities of the EU countries from/through which these flights will be organized. »

Rosavia offers several options for returning Russians to their home country.

The first option is to use commercial flights of foreign airlines to fly to third countries that do not limit air traffic to Russia. And from there to get home by other flights.

The second is to use mixed (multimodal) transport routes. For example, get to points in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Finland, using foreign airlines or other means of transport. Then go to Russia by land transport, including through Belarus.

In addition, the Federal Air Transport Agency recommends refraining from non-essential travel to European countries and Canada in the near future.

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