"Lessons of local history": In the libraries of Primorye "live" the history of the region, Vladimir Arsenyev and Russia.

Two anniversaries that are directly related to Primorye, but in the historical context they are all-Russian. By presidential decree, 2022 is declared the Year of Arsenyev, the main events will be held in September, and in October the country will celebrate the centenary of the end of the Civil War - its last volleys sounded in the Far East. In this regard, a task has been set: to provide the residents of Primorye with access to special publications. 

The 150th anniversary of Arsenyev and the 100th anniversary of the Civil War can already be celebrated in Primorye, at least in the libraries! The Khanka district library will be swamped with work in the next few days. 266 books related to the regional history from its collection will be transported to different libraries of Primorye. 

By the way, the Khanka district library started preparing for Arsenyev's anniversary events earlier than others. Two years ago they made a plan of meetings and exit exhibitions, developed a booklet about the expeditions of our countryman in these very places. In spring in Kamen-Rybolov librarians and the Society of Amur Region Studies will hold a local history conference in honor of the tireless explorer.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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