10 thousand of people in Primorye were passing the test about Russian history

10 thousand of people in Primorye were passing the test about Russian history

On 30th of November, half a million Russians checked their historical literacy. All-Russian action was supported by the residents of Primorsky Region. A history test dedicated to the Constitution of the country, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Who was the first chairman of the pre-revolutionary State Duma and what are the main achievements of Soviet science and technology in the early 60s?

10,000 Primorye residents simultaneously test their knowledge of the history of the Fatherland from the time of Ancient Russia to the present day. All those who are not indifferent to the history of their country were invited to take the test of 348 sites around the edge.

All-Russian action, as always supported by the Primorsky State Museum. V.K. Arsenyev.

Here, next to the exposition, future sailors were passing the test.

The cadets of the Moscow State University named after G. Nevelsky came together for a test, as at the State Exam. After all, we are sure that young people should have examples of heroism, moral guidelines. And for this we need solid knowledge of historical facts.

"All-Russian test on the history of the Russia" on this day was held in 40 foreign countries.

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