"The Song of the Udege" - Ivan Dunkai’s exhibition is opened at the Union of Artists

His name is in the World Encyclopedia of Painting. The only Udyge artist Ivan Dunkai has opened more than 60 solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The new one is dedicated to his 70th anniversary. In memory of the unique master the exposition was opened in the halls of the Union of Artists. 

His work harmoniously combines the real world - colorful landscapes, portraits of countrymen - and the world of mythology. Ivan Dunkai saw the shamanic rituals with his own eyes. Since childhood he absorbed the special rituals of communicating with nature. He could cut meat, build a table for his friends, carve figures of saven, forest spirits from wood.

The exhibition features paintings and graphics by Ivan Dunkai from the collection of the Arsenyev Museum of the History of the Far East.

The employees of the Bikin National Park built a traditional dwelling of Udege people at the exhibition. From the village of Krasny Yar they brought dressed skins, national costumes, shaman masks and amulets.

The exhibition, titled "The Song of the Udege" is open until the end of February in the halls of the Union of Artists on Aleutskaya street. 

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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