Regional education institutions are preparing for the USE.

Regional education institutions are preparing for the USE.

It is an unsettling time for future entrants and their parents. Just a month before the state final attestation. According to the results of the USE among the educational institutions of the Primorsky Territory, the technical lyceum of Vladivostok is in the lead not for the first year. Here, in graduate subjects, graduates often get the maximum score. More than 40% of the students have results - more than 80 points for the subject. This year, their knowledge will be tested by 85 eleventh-graders, 86 students will pass the basic state exam. Ahead of the graduates is the state final attestation. But the guys from the technical lyceum do not get used to the exams. To go here to study, all pass the entrance examination. In addition, this institution attests annually. For children, the main goal of such rehearsals is to prepare for the exam psychologically. It is important for teachers to keep track of which moments need adjustment. In addition, technical lyceums conduct lessons for choice with tasks of a higher level of complexity. At general meetings, the parents of the graduates are told about what is the control and measuring material, about the need for a training system and what participation is required from them. The Lyceum administration believes that the successful result of the exam is the joint work of all participants in educational relations: teachers, students and their parents. In anticipation of the USE-2017, such a spirit is needed in all educational institutions of the region.

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