Development of dairy farming in Osinovka villagev

Development of dairy farming in Osinovka villagev

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One of the recently appeared farms in Osinovka village has already proved to be promising. A year and a half ago, Fedorov family began to develop dairy farming practically from scratch. Now there are already 40 cows on the private farm.

Alena Fedorova, the head of the farm in Osinovka village.

Alena Fedorova says, that there always was a cattle in her family farmstead. Since childhood, she has always been looking after the cattle, grazed and milked cows. Now she runs her own farm and has big plans for the future.

Alena Fedorova says: “We have applied to participate in the grant and got the money. We built a shed, bought more cows. It was a great support. Literally within 3 months we have managed to develop our farm. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without governmental support”.

Working day of the head of the farm starts at 5 am. She is the boss, an animal breeder and a veterinarian here. She says it's good that, her husband supports her. He helps to sell dairy products.

Even though Fedorov family members do lots of work, still they had to hire 3 workers to make work on the dairy farming well arranged. The main request to the workers is to be careful and attentive towards cattle.  

Work organization and managerial abilities are two factors required for the successful development of family farming. If there is a desire to create, an opportunity is being provided by federal and regional programs aimed at the development of companies of small forms.

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