Top-12 sights of Vladivostok

Top-12 sights of Vladivostok

FUN&SUN EXPERT informative agency together with the Tourist information center of Primorye presented the top-12 sights of Vladivostok that are must see. 

The top includes following sights : 


  1. Sportivnaya embarkment: even those who have never been to Vladivostok heard about the local «chi fans», small Chinese restaurants with low prices, located on Sportivnaya embarkment. However, many various asian street foods are presented there: seafood, pad Thai, dozens of types of noodles and many more. 
  2. Svetlanskaya street: Svetlanskaya is the central street of Vladivostok. It is the perfect place to feel the spirit of the old town and enjoy the 19th century architecture. Many fashionable bars, including the jazz ones, are located there. 
  3. Primorye’s oceanarium: one of the biggest oceanariums of Russia. Sharks, seals, dolphins and many more sea creatures live there. 
  4. Railway station: Vladivostok’s railway station reminds of Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow. In the middle of the 90s the building was renewed with the help of Italian specialists. 
  5. Tokarevsky lighthouse: the Tokarevsky lighthouse is located in Frunzensky district of Vladivostok. It is one of the most recognisable symboles of the city. 
  6. Arseniev’s museum: if you are interested in the regional history, Arseniev’s museum is the must do destination for you. 
  7. Trepang museum: trepang, the sea cucumber, is one of the gastronomical symbols of Primorye. It has been present in the sea of Japan for 500 million years ! So it is no surprise that the only trepang museum in Russia will be located in Vladivostok. 
  8. Vladivostok’s Fortress: Vladivostok’s Fortress is a complex of defensive constructions built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They are located both in Vladivostok itself and in its outskirts. It is possible to climb the fortress from the Batareynaya street in the center of the city.
  9. Millionka: this historic area in the very heart of Vladivostok was once populated by the Chineses. Nowadays many fashionable cafes and souvenir shops are located there. 
  10. Vladivostok’s bridges: Russky bridge is the one that not only ornaments Vladivostok but also the 2000 rubles banknote. Zolotoy bridge is located in the heart of the city and is perfectly visible from the central streets. 
  11. Tobizina cape: if you are seeking beautiful landscapes and nature you should definitely visit the Tobizina cape. The locals like to picnic there during warmer seasons. 

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