Oleg Kozhemyako congratulated the residents of Vladivostok with the city day

Oleg Kozhemyako congratulated the residents of Vladivostok with the city day

Dear residents and guests of Vladivostok!
Congratulations on the 159th anniversary of our hometown!

This year, Vladivostok celebrates its birthday for the first time as the capital of the Far East. For all of us, this new status is a signal of trust on the part of the country's leadership, a harbinger of renewal and improvement in all spheres of life: the economy, education and science, culture, sports and medicine.

Our plans for the improvement of the city are already beginning to materialize: the roads, facades of buildings, courtyards are being repaired, the communal infrastructure is being updated, new children's and sports grounds are being created - this will allow creating comfortable conditions for life, work and leisure.

Vladivostok is developing rapidly and is the territory of attraction for investments and the implementation of unique projects, the center for events of all-Russian and international scale. All this is thanks to you, dear citizans of Vladivostok! Thank you for your hard work, talents and sincere love for your city!

I wish Vladivostok prosperity and the realization of all plans. Happiness, health and well-being - in every home!


Governor of Primorsky Region                                                 O.N. Kozhemyako

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