National open-air museum built in Primorye

National open-air museum built in Primorye

Today the center of the traditional way of life, business and crafts of small indigenous peoples of Primorye is built on the Avvakumovka river channel, not far from the village of Olga.

But ideologues plan to built only an open-air museum.

The dugout inside is almost ready.

It smells of firewood and wood, although the fire has not yet been kindled.

On the other hand, the fire heated the marching tank with the national dish of maritime peoples - deer shurpa.

To make it easier guest houses were built in Tem.

Soon they will start to built a sports ground for national games.

They have a lot of plans. And the support is very friendly.

Now they are waiting for the big holiday.

In July they invite the Artists Union of Primorsky Region. And in September they plan to organize Big Fish - Sagdi Dawa, a traditional national festival.  Friends of the Ol'gin basins and the Udege people, Krasnoyars, and perhaps the Thornian and Red Army communities will come here.

They have an idea that in every Primorye region with indigenous people , to make National open-air museum.

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