Army drones will detect forest fires in the far East

Army drones will detect forest fires in the far East

Calculations of unmanned aerial vehicles of the Eastern military district (VVO) have begun monitoring the forest fire situation, Vesti: Primorye reports, citing Interfax-far East.

"The first flights have already taken place in Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions. For aerial reconnaissance calculations involved UAV "Orlan-10", - said Tuesday the press service of the VVO.

Next week, the military units of unmanned aircraft will monitor the situation with wildfires in Buryatia and the TRANS-Baikal territory.

In total, six main areas have been identified for monitoring, drones will be launched at the district's landfills. Flights will be conducted in shifts, day and night.

It is noted that special attention will be paid to monitoring the forest fire situation on the lands of the Ministry of defense.

According to Federal Avialesookhrana, over the past day in Russia eliminated 175 forest fires on the area of 50.7 thousand hectares. According to Tuesday morning, 85 fires remain untreated on the area of almost 61.4 thousand hectares.

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