Stormy summer. Forecasters said: what will start June in Primorye

Stormy summer. Forecasters said: what will start June in Primorye

On Saturday, June 1, under the influence of atmospheric fronts in most of the region will be rains of varying intensity, sometimes strong, in some areas thunderstorms. Background of minimum temperatures +4...+12 °C, maximum +22...+27 °C, in the East +15...+20 °C. On Sunday, June 2, the fronts will leave the territory of Primorye, the rains will mainly stop, begin to clear, and only in some areas can pass short-term rains. The temperature background will increase by 1-3 degrees.

In Vladivostok, the weather will be different this weekend. Saturday is expected mainly cloudy, will be a little rain. Minimum temperature +10...+12 °C, maximum +19...+21 °C. On Sunday the weather will improve: partly cloudy, mostly without precipitation. Only in the evening there is a small chance of rain. At night, the air temperature will remain unchanged, and in the afternoon 2-3 degrees warmer.

Lovers of the outdoors doesn't hurt to have a shelter from the rain, advises Primgidromet.

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