Snowfall followed by cold weather forecasters promise Primorye

Snowfall followed by cold weather forecasters promise Primorye

At the beginning of the week, the anticyclone crest will provide Primorye with Sunny weather, without precipitation. The next night the minimum temperature -19...-29 °C, on the coast of -10 to -17 °C. the Maximum is -3...-17 °C.

As reported by " Vesti: Primorye "with reference to" the", in the middle of the week on the sea of Japan will shift deepening cyclone. Snow will pass, the most intense is expected in the southern half of the region. At night the temperature will rise, in the North-East of the region where there will be no precipitation, frosts to -33 ° C. in the daytime -14 °C, -22 °C, -6...-12 ° C on the coast.

In the future, the Siberian anticyclone will take its traditional position over the areas of lake Baikal. Its spur will spread to the South of the Far East. In Primorsky Krai will be dominated by very cold, mostly rain-free weather.

In Vladivostok in the first working days the weather is rainless. Today, the air temperature is -7 ... -10 °C. at night, the air temperature Is -11...-14 °C, the day will get warmer. In the middle of the week in the city will be a little snow. The minimum temperature is unchanged, during the day due to the clouds the temperature will drop. In the second half of the week in Vladivostok precipitation is not expected. After the cyclone, there will be an invasion of cold, the wind will increase. At night, the air temperature will be -17...-20 °C during the day -12...-15 °C.

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