Brand "Meat row" continues to gain credibility among buyers. Video Report Of Olga Artemova


Today to buy sausage and meat delicacies without turn and excitement — it is simple. At the same time, the question of product quality remains unchanged for the buyer. Grocery shelves of Vladivostok was added to the bright packaging of the brand "Meat row".

The products are the same but the packaging is new. Trade mark "Meat row" has won the trust of the buyer in 2007. In addition to high quality and different affordable cost. The range is extensive — boiled and semi-smoked sausages, ham, meat products and semi-finished products.

Olga Artemova, correspondent: "Since this year, fans of the meat series can buy sausages and delicacies in an updated form in any food network of the city and the region."

The quality and composition of the product — in the first place, and the new packaging is already appreciated by buyers.

Roman Nikonchuk, the buyer: "If there is a need for delicacies or sausage, then, of course, there is always a meat row. I, and my parents are accustomed to this, that is, we have so wound up that if there were some meat products in the refrigerator, then we try to choose this brand."

Elena Lavrishina, buyer: "due To the fact that warm and Sunny weather will take the kebabs from the "Meat series".

All products of "Meat series" created by classic favorite recipes. The main advantage is the quality and affordable price.

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