Primorye firm illegally transferred to China 46 million rubles

Primorye firm illegally transferred to China 46 million rubles

Nakhodka customs officers identified a local company that illegally transferred abroad 46 million rubles.

The company-violator will pay fine - more than 34 million rubles.

In 2016 Nakhodka company signed a contract with Chinese company for the supply of pet food worth 12 million dollars. In 2016, the company transferred 46 million rubles to the bank account of the expected deliveries. However, within the time limits stipulated by the contracts, the goods were never imported to Russia before.

According to the law, the company should return money transferred in advance to Russia. The firm did not do it.

The Nakhodka customs opened 6 cases of administrative offenses “Failure by the resident to fulfill the obligation to return to the Russian Federation funds paid to non-residents for goods not imported into the Russian Federation”.

It should be noted that in 2019 the Nakhodka Customs found 7 companies that did not return 76 million rubles from abroad for goods not imported into Russia.

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