Airliner made for "Vlad-Avia", turned into a "plane for astronauts

Airliner made for

The Tu-204-300 transferred to the aviation division of the Scientific-research test center of preparation of cosmonauts (TSPK) Gagarin. The liner was named after academician Sergei Korolev. 

This vessel is one of two Tu-204-300 developed for the CPC. It is planned that the ISS crews will deliver to Baikonur and Vostochny cosmodromes on these aircraft, as well as evacuate astronauts from the landing site. The aircraft is equipped with six cabins designed to transport astronauts in a supine position after returning from space.

"Plane for astronauts" has already got to the center of the scandal in social networks. The head of the state Corporation "Roscosmos" Dmitry Rogozin replied to the subscriber in his microblog in Ukrainian. Responding to the remark of the subscriber about the new Tu-204-300, which criticized the design of the cabin, calling it "squalor", Rogozin wrote that the plane is designed to transport astronauts, not "milking your Ukrainian oligarchs". The subscriber wrote back that he is a citizen of Russia and he, as a patriot, is ashamed that the cabin of a modern Russian aircraft resembles the cabin of a cheap foreign car from the 90'

According to the head of the CPC Yuri Vlasov, the second plane, called "Yuri Gagarin", can be transferred to the center next week. It is assumed that the first flight to Baikonur the aircraft will perform in July this year. 

The Tu-204-300 twin-engine aircraft was originally built at the Tupolev enterprise for the Vladivostok-Avia airline, whose activities were suspended in 2014 due to the lack of the necessary number of aircraft to perform irregular (Charter) air transportation, as well as due to the deterioration of the main production indicators and the financial and economic condition of the company's activities. After that, the aircraft acquired the CPC. These Airliners were re-equipped and became the first Russian aircraft capable to overcome the distance of more than 9 thousand without refueling. km — from Moscow to Vladivostok.

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