In Russia, in 2019, the program for the exploration of the Moon will be resumed

In Russia, in 2019, the program for the exploration of the Moon will be resumed

On April 12, Russia celebrates World Cosmonautics Day. This holiday is forever associated with the name of Yuri Gagarin, who circled around the Earth 57 years ago on the Vostok-1 spacecraft. A little later, the world's first Soviet mobile scientific laboratory was delivered to Earth's satellite. In Vladivostok, the first driver of the Lunokhod, Vyacheslav Dovgan, visited the lectures.

The test of space technology Vyacheslav Dovgan immediately specifies, he is not a pilot, as the French call him, but a driver of the "Lunokhod". The world's first device, which managed to land on the surface of the moon in November 1970. Unlike the American rover, created by NASA engineers only for the movement of astronauts, the Soviet "Lunokhod" is a remote-controlled scientific laboratory. The development of the mission "Luna-17" was done by several research institutes.

From the Earth the lunar vehicle was controlled by the crew. Behind the control panel is Vyacheslav Dovgan.

Vyacheslav Dovgan, Major General of Aviation, Honored Tester of Space Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences: "Lunokhod is coming, we have launched it and know how far. If a frame comes and costs 20 seconds, then during this time we decide to stop it or continue on the course. "

The resource "Lunokhod", designed for three months, worked three times more than it was supposed to. For about a year the interplanetary scientific station studied the lunar surface and the chemical composition of the soil. Vyacheslav Dovgan remembers, the technique on the Moon sometimes had to be conducted in conditions of zero visibility, because the image from outer space came with a delay.

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