12 new kindergartens will be built in Vladivostok in two years. Video Footage Of The Victoria Kandybina

12 new kindergartens will be built in Vladivostok in two years. Video Footage Of The Victoria Kandybina

12 kindergartens and two schools will be built in Vladivostok in two years. This was stated by the head of the city Oleg Gumenyuk. He visited the construction of a preschool in the suburbs of Vladivostok and the Grand opening of the kindergarten "Spark" on Davydov. Details in the next report.

The story of the kindergarten on Davydov street is unprecedented for Vladivostok. For the first time, private business transferred the institution to the city.

Lyudmila Koritskaya, former head of the kindergarten "Sparkle": "I went to gorono and said, I will give it to you, I will give only if it is budget. That is good that has been done over the years, but it remains to children."

Due to the budget, the building was renovated. Equipped with additional fire exits and redeveloped the premises. And in the coming months, six groups will receive their first pupils.

Olga Zaika, the mother of a pupil of the kindergarten "Spark": "We've been waiting for the garden finally came. The child is very sociable and we are very happy and for the sake of going to the garden. The garden is very nice, everything is very pleasant".

During the tour, special attention is paid to the nursery group. It is already known that it will receive 25 kids of the Soviet district.

Anna Pervukhina, head of the kindergarten "Sparkle": "we are planning a speech therapist here, there is a psychologist in the plans. We will have additional services — Studio "Kapitoshka", where children will be engaged in drawing and quilling. Children will be engaged in choreography, will be karate, Wushu".

Now in Vladivostok there is an acute problem of shortage of nurseries. And the authorities decided not just to modernize the existing kindergartens, but to build new ones, taking into account the needs of young families of Vladivostok.

Oleg Gumenyuk, acting head of Vladivostok: "you can imagine what kind of help it is for young mothers. We can see the standards for fire safety and SanPiN. Today we came to a small children's town".

This year on Makovsky street will hand over the first of 12 planned kindergartens. The two-storey building will accommodate groups for 230 children. Construction work will last but November. Further contractors will be engaged in finishing of rooms and improvement of the adjacent territory.

Eugene Shoev, chief of sector. SK "Titan", "we are Now completed pile field. Running the chips piles to design elevation and started to perform reinforcement".

New preschools will be handed over on a turnkey basis, with all necessary equipment and furniture. Now Vladivostok is also building a kindergarten in the district of Snow Fall. Both projects are planned to be completed this year.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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