German Albatros opened the cruise season in the Far Eastern capital

German Albatros opened the cruise season in the Far Eastern capital

On 20th of March  Albatros liner moored to the flag of the Bahamas moored to the pier in Vladivostok. The ship came from South Korean Busan.

The 2019 cruise season begins symbolically. The albatross soaring over the oceans for sailors has always been a good luck talisman and foreshadowed a successful voyage. In the Golden Horn Bay "such a bird" for the first time. Once he was the best liner in the cruise fleet of the world. Not long ago it was considered obsolete, but it was seriously updated before this flight.

Passengers of the liner - 650 tourists from Germany - met under the rhythmic march of drums. The ceremony of the meeting is continued by Russian dances and the obligatory Katyusha.

One month after we will see our old friend - on April 20, the Italian Costa Neoromantica will come to visit us. And just this year Vladivostok will meet 16 airliners.

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