In Vladivostok waiting for liner sea-giant with a length of 333 meters.

In Vladivostok waiting for liner sea-giant with a length of 333 meters.

February 26 at dawn in Vladivostok opened the cruise season. The first liner arrived in the seaside capital this year. On Board "Amadeus" about six hundred tourists, most of them — from Germany. The cruise season Vladivostok begins at sub-zero temperature. Behind the white "Amadei" — 9 degrees of a frost. In the cold of the Golden horn under the flag of the Bahamas warm she came late for an hour.
At the same time, almost everything is ready for a warm welcome in the passenger terminal of the Sea terminal. Participants from ceremonial party remained only lips make up and each other in order to bring.
Alexander Shkileva, soloist ceremonial drummers: "Weave the braid, brings beauty. Final preparation. At 5 a.m. started, came together, and everything ready for labor and defense!»
Passengers of the liner-23 Swiss and 600 Germans-welcome Vladivostok. The seaside capital meets them with drums, songs and dances.

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