Renews seasonal flight message Vladivostok — Osaka. Video Report Of Olga Artemova

Renews seasonal flight message Vladivostok — Osaka. Video Report Of Olga Artemova

In The land of the rising sun direct. Renews seasonal flight message Vladivostok — Osaka. A convenient route to the heart of Japan, Kansai region, will be available to tourists twice a week.

The Kansai region includes the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara, and of course, the third populous city of Japan — a bustling and fun city. Through Tokyo, you can get here by plane, domestic lines, and high-speed train. And from April 27 to October 26 for seaside tourists, S7 airline opens a seasonal direct flight Vladivostok-Osaka.

Dmitry Strateychuk, head of Department, S7 Airlines, Vladivostok: "S7 Airlines starts performing flights from Vladivostok to Osaka. The flights will be operated twice a week - on Wednesdays and Saturdays - on modern comfortable Airbus a320neo aircraft."

Only in Osaka, the gastronomic capital of Japan, you can spend a few days to feel the rhythm of the Asian metropolis and European fantasy. After all, here opened one of the four theme parks in the world of the Harry Potter Universe. Less than half an hour's drive from Osaka is historic Kyoto, where you can still find geisha in the streets. In the city-the Park of Nara roam freely spotted deer, and Kobe can get to the tower port. A little further-white beaches and clear sea of Wakayama Prefecture, ancient Shinto shrines on the trails of Kumano-Kodo. And again in Osaka, the best logistics center, where faster and cheaper than from Tokyo, to get to many other areas of Japan. For example, the famous hot springs of the resort area of Tottori Prefecture.

Vyacheslav Furashov, photographer, traveler: "another very interesting place is Kii Katsuura, the center of the tuna sample in Japan. If you want to eat real fresh tuna, then Katsuro is the perfect place."

You can choose a unique holiday route at any time of the year on the website of the national tourism organization of Japan ahhh!

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