The "frightened" fisherman does not think about himself or others.


Primorye weather this year does not contribute to safe fishing on the ice.

Of course, the fishermen are upset by this fact, but they still risk, which adds a lot of work to the rescuers. On holidays, they strenuously followed the water area and the recklessness of desperate fans of ice fishing.

The mood of the fishermen is not very good in this season. At first, late winter reluctantly turned the sea into ice, then the winds did not allow it to bond securely. Therefore, rescue boats, pillows of fuel in this winter "eaten" more than ever before.

The crews of boats work not every day. Only Igor Salemyanov’s found three drowned men. By the way, neither the Ministry of Emergency Situations nor the police give statistics on drowned people, but the fishermen themselves do not stop either bans or fines.

Russia has signed an international convention on the law of the sea, so saving our lives is free. However, in other countries there is an important exception: when the ban on ice gatherings is in force, you still have to pay those who came to the rescue. Primorye rescuers say it would be nice to use this practice in Russia.

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