Fishermen at risk for life out on the thin ice of Novik Bay

Fishermen at risk for life out on the thin ice of Novik Bay

Russian island, thin ice is on the Ocean, at the mouth of the river Razdolnaya. The formation of ice is 8-10 days later than normal dates. It is too early to talk about a safe thickness. Even with a natural decrease in temperature to negative values not earlier than mid-December, the ice thickness will be more or less normal. Surely safe ice will be only in January, " -said the press Secretary of the Primgidromet Victor Chulkov.

Ice with a thickness of at least 10 cm on the river and 15 cm on the sea is considered safe for humans. It should be blue and in any case not white or gray. If the air temperature is kept above 0°C for more than three days, the strength of the ice is reduced by 25%.

That way out on the ice could cost lives, they say, and in the coastal management of the Ministry. The other day, rescuers conducted a preventive RAID on the Russian island, gave fishermen memos about safety rules, told what to do if you fell through the ice, and urged not to risk their lives for fishing.

However, even despite the warm day, on the ice in Novik with a dozen fishermen. All of them are located on a small frozen area of the sea. They come to fish in rubber boots-a porous top layer of ice breaks under their feet,and water seeps out. But this does not stop the fishermen. To the question "is Not terrible?"wave a hand and answer:" it is Terrible and what to do?»

While some are already in full fishing, others are just coming to explore. Trying to get out on the ice and falling on the ankle into the water, go back. Two days ago, they say the ice was stronger. One of the fishermen even boasted 150 pieces of navaga caught, and is now smelt.

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