Japan has declared a nuclear strike via Primorsky Krai

Japan has declared a nuclear strike via Primorsky Krai

The Japanese edition of " Japan Business Press "published an article in which it is reported that American nuclear ballistic missiles, as well as nuclear missiles of the DPRK, in the event of a military conflict with North Korea, will fly through the territory of the Russian Primorye, report" Vesti:Primorye".

In fact, according to the Japanese publication, this can be avoided only if Russia voluntarily transfers a group of Kuril Islands to Japan – in this case, American nuclear missiles will not

North-East through the Primorsky territory of Russia. In this regard, to hit the ICBM at the beginning of the final stage, it is necessary to launch from a point that is North-East of Hokkaido," the Japan Business Press reports.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the Japanese media decided to keep silent about the fact that a nuclear strike by the United States, which trump says, also applied through the territory of Russia, and in this case, placed on Iturup means of air and missile defense, will eliminate any danger.

Earlier it became known that the us policy provides for nuclear strikes through the territory of the Russian Federation, which caused a huge scandal in the media, because Washington's actions will certainly cause a retaliatory nuclear strike from Russia.

fly through Russian territory.

News source: http://vestiprim.ru/news/ptrnews/73790-yaponiya-zayavila-o-yadernyh-udarah-cherez-primorskiy-kray.html

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