Tourist complex and passenger terminal can be build in Pogranichny region of Primorsky territory.

Tourist complex and passenger terminal can be build in Pogranichny region of Primorsky territory.

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Heilongjiang Province has confirmed its interest in the project of international transport corridor "Primorye-1". This information was announced at the meeting between deputy head of Primorsky territory, Sergei Nekhaev, and Vice-Governor of Chinese Heilongjiang province, Sun Yao, that took place on the 3rd  Russian-Chinese Expo, which is held these days in Yekaterinburg.

3rd Russian-Chinese Expo opened in Yekaterinburg on 11th of July. Primorsky territory delegation is headed by Primorsky territory Vice-Governor- Sergey Nekhaev.


Sergey Nekhaev met with the vice-governor of Heilongjiang province Sun Yao. They have discussed vital issues in economic and cultural cooperation.

Implementation of international transport corridors (ITC) "Primorye-1" and "Primorye-2", projects gives great oportunites for cross-border region. According to Sergey Nekhaev, ITC concept will be presented at the second East Economic Forum.

Reconstruction work of checkpoints on the Russian-Chinese border is already in process,  for example, at present Pogranichny checkpoint is under reconstruction, this checkpoint is a part of international transport corridors-1. By 2018, its capacity will be increased seven times, and daily traffic capacity will be about 1300 cars and almost 14 thousand people.


Sergey Nekhaev emphasized that cooperation in the spheres of education and culture is the basis for successful economic cooperation.


In order to strengthen  bilateral relations, Deputy Heads discussed  plans for cross-cultural days. Thus Days of Heilongjiang Province culture will be held in Primorsky region in October,and  in return, Days of Primorsky Territory culture in Chinese province are scheduled for December 2016.


Regarding cooperation in tourist’s sphere, Sun Yao proposed the establishment of tourist complex and passenger terminal in the border area of Primorsky territory.

Sergey Nekhaev found this project interesting and offered to discuss it more detailed.

Moreover, on 14th of July during Russia-China Expo,  Sergey Nekhaev  gave a presentation on topic of Investment opportunities in Russian Far East. He also held a meeting  with representatives of two Chinese corporations -«ChinaRailwayConstructionCorporation» and «China Railway Group».

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