In the Primorsky picture gallery opened the exhibition "The Little Secrets of the Great Seas"

In the Primorsky picture gallery opened the exhibition

In the Primorsky picture gallery opened the exhibition "The Little Secrets of the Great Seas".

This exhibition is dedicated to the inhabitants of the underwater world, who became the main characters in the work of Lyubov Stepanova.

Lyubov Stepanova came Primorye from Stavropol, where she taught at an art school.

In Vladivostok, she taught children the art of painting for ten years.

For a quarter of a century, she has been living in Andreevka, on the shore of the Trinity Bay.

The beauty of the depths of the sea has become the main theme of her work.

She made a whole series of works: "The underwater world of Peter the Great Bay", "Shells of tropical seas." Whimsical shells of all shapes and shades Lyubov Stepanova can draw endlessly, forcing them to dance, communicate with each other and act as messengers of extraterrestrial civilizations.

For the exhibition, Lyubov Andreevna brought shells from her rich collection. Those who wish to capture themselves in the image of a mermaid, has prepared a wonderful photo frame.

Here you can draw a picture on the warm sunny sand.

Sea urchins - acrylic on silk, clam nautilus - in watercolor and gouache. The compositions of Lyubov Stepanova are a reminder of summer and the endlessly diverse life of the ocean.

Mastery of the artist can be assessed in the halls of the gallery on Partizansky Avenue.

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