Governor puppies were given to residents of Primorye

Governor puppies were given to residents of Primorye

The governor in his Instagram account announced that he would give Maremma Abruzzo Shepherd dogs to reliable people with children and a private home, as animals need a lot of space. Post get over 400 comments. Of all those who wished, Oleg Kozhemyako personally chose two families from Lazo and Arsenyev. Although puppies are only 4 months old, they look like adult animals. Dogs are already vaccinated and have their passports. This girl - Gabriela and her brother - Antonio. The head of Primorye gave the shepherd dogs new owners, gave advice on the care of animals and promised to visit families whenever possible.

Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of Primorsky Region: “Security functions are very good, very attached to the family, to the children. Very intelligent."

Daria Alkhovaya, a resident of Lazo: “I would like to take care of her very well, I would go out into the street early every morning and feed the dog.”

Julia Zabava, a resident of the village of Lazo: “We wrote a message, wrote about ourselves, that we live in the Lazovsky district, that we have a child, we have opportunities to support a dog, and everything worked out. Therefore, we must believe! "

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