The unique emerald comet was observed by Vladivostok residents. Video Maxim Galenica

The unique emerald comet was observed by Vladivostok residents. Video Maxim Galenica

Tonight on a visit to earthlings the emerald comet arrived! The space wanderer approached us by 11.5 million kilometers-by the standards of astrophysicists, it's nothing like oncoming traffic on the highway. In the clear night sky, the comet is not difficult to notice — it glows a bright point of emerald color.

The alien guest flies from afar. The emerald point in the night sky over Primorye is a real comet. Her home is near Jupiter. Just 64 months ago, he sent her towards the Sun and flying some 800 million kilometers on the night of December 17, she approached the Earth. Now between humans and the heavenly wanderer just 11.5 million miles. The scale of the space of the universe is like a flight of bees over my head.

Seaside fans of astrophotography could not miss the bright flash, of course! A sleepless night they spent at Cape Talizina, on the island of Russian. Heavenly view was that it is necessary - to the left of starry sky cut a meteor shower of Geminid, and the right - emerald point glowing comet.

Valentin Shulgin, photographer, on the phone: "it took about five hours to shoot. It's a hobby, an outlet. All on enthusiasm, patience and love to this cause. Four hours in the cold, dress warmly, take warmers".

Alexander Khitrov, photographer, on the phone: "To make these pictures, which are now in "Instagram", we spent on trips around the city from 20.00 to the morning, all night. No sleep, cold, drinking hot tea. The illumination is very spoils the view of the night sky, we had to look for points to the foreground to understand that it was filmed in Vladivostok."

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