In the sky over Vladivostok it will be possible to see the ISS

In the sky over Vladivostok it will be possible to see the ISS

Residents of Russia will be able to observe the passage of the International Space Station in the night sky already today and until February 13, according to Vesti Primorye referring to Primgoda. Astronomers of the Moscow Planetarium calculated that it was during this period that several factors will successfully develop, in particular, the trajectory and angle of reflection of sunlight by the station.

The station is similar to a bright fast moving and flickering star of white color, which, as it moves and approaches the shadow of the Earth, can be replaced by a reddish orange.

"In terms of brightness, the International Space Station can compete even with Jupiter and Venus, and its rapid movement across the sky attracts the attention of observers. The space house always moves from west to east and makes one revolution in about an hour and a half, "the planetarium said.

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