"Time capsule" was laid on the site of the future fish processing plant "Russian Pollock". Video Report Of Victoria Sarada

The fishing company has completed the stage of preparation for the construction of the fish processing plant "Russian Pollock". In the Foundation of the future enterprise in the territory OF tor "Nadezhdinskaya "laid the"time capsule". Solemn, and most importantly historical moment captured our crew.

New jobs, high-quality Russian products and additional tax payments to the budget. The construction of the Russian Pollock fish processing plant is a significant event not only for Primorye, but also for the entire Far East. After all, Pollock is the main production of the far Eastern seas and Russian fish exports.

Valentin Dubinin, Vice-Governor of Primorsky Krai, curator of the Nadezhdinskaya TOR: "Such an enterprise, one can say, is the first in Primorsky Krai to be laid for processing an important product for Primorsky Krai, like fish. That is not the raw material we were sent, and processed product on the domestic market and for export. It's important."

Construction site on the territory of advanced development "Nadezhdinskaya" began to prepare in mid-November. A month later, the time capsule gives an official start to the construction. Already in 2021, the first coastal enterprise of the Russian Fishing company will appear on this place. The scope of activities promises to be impressive.

Ivan Osadchiy, General Director of the company "Russian Pollock": "the Plant" Russian Pollock " will have a capacity of more than 100 tons per day for products from Pollock. This fillet, minced meat, steaks and other products from Pollock. And more than 20 tons per day for waste processing. It's flour, fish oil. He will also be able to process other species of fish: Pollack coastal fishing, salmon, Raznotravie".

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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