"The new economy of Primorye." Interview with Vasily Usoltsev about realize of territories of advanced development projects in Primorye

Moderator: Hello!
Today, as part of a special project of the state broadcasting company "Vladivostok" "new economy of Primorye" we offer you an interview with the first vice-governor Vasily Usoltsev. Vasily Ivanovich, hello!
Vasiliy Usoltsev: Hello!
Moderator: The reason for talking with you have chosen not by chance. Just recently held in Moscow Collegium of the Ministry of Development of the Far East, where including the issues of priority development territories. For Primorsky Territory this new economic mechanism now has a fundamental development for the creation of a new economy. No day is complete without at the news agencies is not a message appears stating that new residents of the territory of priority development in Primorye. At me to you a question: what is the reason for the interest of entrepreneurs, why turn to become a resident of the Torah and Minvostokrazvitiya, it does not dry out in the Corporation's development of the Far East and is becoming more and more.
Vasiliy Usoltsev: The main answer to this question is primarily in the fact that when the law was conceived and has been adopted by his foundation were the best global practices. And we have tried to gather together with Minvostokom the world's best practices and to put in this legislation. I hope what happened.
Moderator: What are the advantages for businessmen? What are the economic mechanisms that make people who have money to look with interest at the opportunity to invest in the development of the Primorsky Territory.
Vasiliy Usoltsev: For an entrepreneur, a businessman territory for advancing social and economic development - is the first of only two basic things: that preferences for taxes, freedom of decision-making and obtaining permits, and the other basic thing - it is investing in the infrastructure of the state, ie, entrepreneur does not come in an empty field, and on existing infrastructure: the roads, this electricity, it is water and sanitation, and everything else that is needed for production.
Moderator: When still only discussed the issue of the introduction of the advanced development of the territories where they have earned, got the opinion that become parties to the great economic project could only companies that have a large capital to ensure that part of the responsibility which the law requires for the business. Is it so? What are the chances of getting into these economic preferences, participate in these mechanisms to those who do not have a lot of money, those who have no way to immediately come up with billions of investments and with billions of investment?
Vasiliy Usoltsev: First of all I would like to say about yourself preferences. I have identified five major basic preferences that are of interest to entrepreneurs: it is primarily a tax exemption for five years on income, followed by ten instead of twenty percent investment in the next five years, ie ten years of Preferences; This property tax zero percent for five years, as well as for income tax and 0.5% in the next five years instead of 2.2%; very serious business for social benefits instead of 30%, 7.6% is very strong support for those engaged in the production; simplified procedure of VAT and accommodation if the top is provided mining, then a two-year vacation on mining and subsequent smooth rate improvement for 10 years, it is interesting for the possible potential territory of priority development, which may happen in the north of Primorye.

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