"New economy of Primorye". Interview with Vladimir Smotrikovskiy.

Interview with Vladimir Smotrikovskiy, director of the Far Eastern branch of the Central Scientific Research project institute of the Ministry of Construction of Russia.

Vladimir Smotrikovskiy: "The difficult economic situation of course affects the Russian construction industry, this industry is very sensitive in the economy of any country. Now companies are going bankrupt, relieved a lot of manpower, it is greatly affected to the small companies, volumes of housing construction reduce.It is explained by the fact that today the purchasing power of the population fell down, and this affects to the requirements. However, I believe that the crisis is certain direction of development. However, the new direction of development did not lead to the development of the construction industry of Primorye and the Far East."
Reporter: "Vladivostok is very unusual city. What kind of house we can be built in the different areas? "

Vladimir Smotrikovskiy: "Now any settlement is based on the law. We have urban complex, land use and development rules, individual areas territory planning project. And now, according to these documents, the city spread out several areas, in one area you can built one building and can not built another. And town planning authorities in the region are closely watching for the implementation of these laws to avoid violation."

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