Heating season starts in Vladivostok

Heating season starts in Vladivostok

New thermal power plant in the energy system of the region and the city since September.

This is the first heating season For the company. A few hours left before the official start of the heating.

Within the natural gas is converted to heat.

Equipment are able to heat a quarter of Vladivostok. Pervorchensky, Leninsky districts, Snegovaya Pad, Patrokl, finally, will be able to pass the winter without temperature failures.

In case of disruption in gas supplies - emergency supply of alternative fuels. In barrels 4500 tons of fuel oil.

Thermal power plant heats 200.000 inhabitants. The load on the equipment is 300 gigacalories per hour. At peak, the city consumes 230 gigacalories. This equipment is quite enough.

13 heat organizations, 94 boiler houses prepared for winter for half a year. At the stations the repair is completed, the heating mains are checked. In Vladivostok, repaired six kilometers of pipes. Fuel reserve - maximum.

The heating season in Vladivostok starts on Thursday. First of all, the batteries will be hot in the kindergartens, schools and hospitals. Experts told that until October 31, they will warmly bring all the houses in the city.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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