Villagers went to the woods to pick up the birch sap

Villagers went to the woods to pick up the birch sap
The villagers went to the forest for harvesting medicinal drink. This year, the industrial production of birch sap are engaged in all three districts of the region.
Clean as a tear. Snowy winter waterlogged soil on the southern slopes, and therefore the juice this year will be a lot. foresters forecasts rarely come true. Each procurer their secrets. The cans and barrels just pour the juice now, collect the liquid in large packs.
Alexander Osipenko, head of department on work with Rakovsky area: "The season has already begun. We usually harvests juice from 1 to 10 April. Therefore, the villagers in the forest, on the workpiece. Clog their basements and cellars, to this good drink to drink after a bath. "
Birch trees refers to medicament, according to the rural doctor, but because she had a life-giving juice.
Valery Lunin, medical assistant: "I, for one, do not know the tree is more useful than the birch. Only if the list: birch chaga gives, and the tar out of it do, and kidney birch and birch broom. And all this thanks to the juice. "
15 years ago, birch sap harvested at these locations in the industrial scale. Then for a season to produce up to 10 tonnes of the precious liquid. Handed over to the factory and earn good money. Now the purchasing centers are not near, near 80 kilometers from Ussuriisk, in the village of Sibirtsevo. They offer 6 rubles per liter of juice.
Sergey Volchenckov, chairman of the Chernigov raipo Council: "This year we are planning to take 15 tons of birch sap. Of course, if the spring will be a protracted, if not more. Most people already receiving container for the collection and even has tried to give an advance payment. "
Under the rules of the day, you can prepare 20 liters of juice. However, no one really this is not followed. But for the tree damage and may impose a fine, so foresters asking procurers necessarily heal the wounds of the trees from the drill and an ax.

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