Aikido is becoming very popular kind of sport in Primorye

Aikido is becoming very popular kind of sport in Primorye





Martial arts, like karate, judo, wushu, are very popular kind of sport in Vladivostok. But perhaps the most favorite kind of fight is Aikido. A lot of people start going to this kind of sport from the first days of their life.

Aikido came to Japan in the beginning of the XX century. It came to Russia just 30 years ago. But even for such a short period of time, this martial art has become one of the most popular kind of sport.

Vitaly Chistyakov, president of the Primorsky Region Tendoru Aikido Federation: "We want to teach children diligence, tear them away from the computers. This way they can be engaged in sport, develop themselves".

Children start to study Aikido from 4 years. Of course, these kids first off all studing self-defense, to develop strength and endurance.

Alexander Shalygina, trainer-instructor: "At this age we are paying attention to the body strengthening exercises. We have physical training with Aikido elements. "

Many of these boys and girls are engaged in Aikido for more than one year. Martial Arts has become an integral part of their life: warm-up, improvement of techniques, sparring.


Alexey Bolshakov is studying Aikido for 8 years: "I protect my friends from the ruffians. And I used Aikido to protect them. Sometimes I lost, but most times win.

Ukemi is one of the main techniques in Aikido. Ukemi is the ability of correct falling down, to quickly get up, and does not hurt any part of body. In Vladivostok winter roads is one of the invaluable skill.





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