Greyhound racing has held in the Ussuriysk city

Greyhound racing has held in the Ussuriysk city

Greyhound racing has held in the Ussuriysk city. For dogs is the most difficult task is running in the minus 30 cold weather. In Primorye Region greyhound racing is one kind of sport.

ELENA PANISHEVA, trainer of dogs sled racing center in Primorye Region: "We have discipline with six dogs participating. The kinds of dogs are also very interesting. "

In January Primorye Region sled dog racing center held the second session of greyhound racing. Today there are a lot of snow in the route. But because of cold weather, the starting time was delay for one hour. It is better for dogs.

IRINA ZAYATS, the organizer of the competition, "We are very happy to see the snow today. But because of the fact we had to prepare the route very quickly. But for sled dog racing it is a good fact.

The main driving force of the racing is husky. Although sheep dogs, retriever, mastiff dogs can take a part in the competition. The main thing is the dog should like the speed and robustness.

SVETLANA ZLOBINA, a participant of the competition: "I was very impressed. Today we tried sled racing for the first time on a ride,  and my dog liked it. "

Greyhounds racing was held in several disciplines. In one sled from one to six dogs. Leaders  are the sportsmen from Vladivostok and Arseniev. Today Greyhound racing  is very popular kind of sport.  Competition between sportsmen will remain very strong.

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