Entry Bonus

Entry Bonus

After the launch of the pilot tax free project in Russia, citizens of 174 countries took advantage of opportunities to recover VAT on purchases. Most of the purchases made by citizens of China. At the same time, in Vladivostok, the streets of which have recently been crowded with neighbors from border regions, the new technology is not working yet.

“To date, almost 300 stores participate in the project, and in five months of its implementation 47 thousand checks worth 4.7 billion rubles have been issued. At the same time, the average purchase check was 100 thousand rubles. The project is extremely interesting retail. The introduction of tax free gives a significant increase in commodity turnover, the project will be gradually expanded, ”said Denis MANTUR, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Recall that, to date, possible participants in the tax free system in Vladivostok have been identified: Tigre de Cristal Resort & Casino, Maxim, Clover House, Cheryomushki, Druzhba, Sedanka City, Ignat and Cinema "Ussuri".

Recall that Primorye, along with Moscow and St. Petersburg, is consistently among the top three leading regions in accepting Chinese tourists. In 2017, the region received over 420 thousand Chinese citizens. At the same time, almost 213 thousand people arrived in the region under an agreement concluded between the governments of Russia and China on visa-free group tourist trips. The increase was about 10%.

Until October 1, 2018, a temporary VAT refund procedure was in effect in Russia. Next, an electronic automated system should be launched that will make tax refund "paperless." In this electronic document management will be involved tax free operators, sellers, customs and tax.

News source: http://www.zrpress.ru/business/primorje_02.10.2018_91275_bonus-za-vjezd.html

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