Pogranichny village took part in the program of resettlement of compatriots from Ukraine

Pogranichny village took part in the program of resettlement of compatriots from Ukraine
From Luhansk - to Primorye. Endocrinologist Svetlana Chibisova left Ukraine two years ago. At this time, there were combat actions. The woman, who had been running from the war, immediately found a job in the region. How the doctor got a job on the new the homeland and if she is going to stay here forever?
- A terrible bitterness that everything was created by our parents, our generation, grandparents, all just destroyed in one second.
The tragic events that took place in the Ukraine made adjustments to destinies thousands and, in particular, in her life. About Svetlana remembers it reservedly. Realizing that remain in the country enveloped in flames is dangerous was the decision to leave there, where there was a war. Serious home and self-disciplined at the work. Appointment of their patients  in the central hospital of the Border Region Doctor Chibisova leads for almost two years.
Svetlana Chibisova, endocrinologist in the central district hospital in the border area: "I asked the advice of their fellow countrymen in Lugansk, who already come from Primorye, they commended the Primorye as a very beautiful, very fertile region".
Time into "before" and "after" Svetlana was not used to sharing. At the hospital, She combined her just two rates: the endocrinologist, and the therapist. Compatriots Resettlement Program has enabled her to find work almost immediately. Valuable in every sense of the frame helped to quickly obtain citizenship and to confirm the qualification category. Regional authorities have allocated a service apartment. But this is not a good attitude over.
- Colleagues and material support has been, and is, of course, an invaluable moral. Because it was really hard to get through this relocation to find yourself in a new place.
The further time goes, the less reason for nostalgia. Doctor's routine and household chores in the new place given to look at moving to Russia after two years another point of view.
- I feel here is my homeland!

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