Fokino workshop museum on a volunteer basis teach children from boarding schools russian folk

Fokino workshop museum on a volunteer basis teach children from boarding schools russian folk
Summer will come very soon! Many regional public organizations actively preparing for the large-scale festivals and holidays of national cultures Primorye. As a rule the summer calendar of Primorye is full of such events.
Handmade products attracted great attention of the visitors. The Chinese can recognize see special symbols on the clay coulomb. Residents of Primorye are interested at the cookware: pots, plates and bells.
Tatiana Hristenko administrator interactive museum-workshop "The Firebird", Fokino: "It is very interesting bells, each bell has its own voice, as human, there are sonorous, deaf, loud sounds, all are different."
According to Russian legend bells scares negative energy away from home, so people buy it. And it is necessary from time to time to ring in the home. Then everything at home will be all right.
During the regional festivals and celebrations the museum-workshop "Firebird" have been taking part in various exhibitions for 8 years already. It promote the traditions of the Slavic peoples in the Primorsky Region.
Big social work workshop conducted with children from orphanages and boarding schools of the region.
Maxim Hristenko, director of interactive museum-workshop "The Firebird", Fokino: "We are telling them about these crafts. They can do articles with their own hands, try to understand the craft, because the children are now deprived of it. "
Workshop is decorated in the style of Russian wooden architecture. Ceramics exhibition is located under the canopy with tiled roof located, it is modeled per sample of Russian pottery utensils XVIII-XIX centuries and objects of rural life.
The director himself orginize master classes in clay modeling, teaches how to work with batik, not long ago start to work blacksmith shop. In the future they plan in the school to organize camps free platform to teach children traditional crafts: weaving, wickerwork, ceramics, painting, construction, making folk dolls and pottery.

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