The training descents of rescuers from the helicopter passed in Primorye

The training descents of rescuers from the helicopter passed in Primorye

In Primorsky Krai, rescuers of the Vladivostok branch of the Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Unit of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia worked out training descents with the help of a descender from a helicopter MI-8 of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In the training participated 15 rescuers Vladivostok JI, including 5 rescuers search and rescue unit Spassk-Dalniy.

As reported by Vesti: Primorye, referring to the press service of FGUU "DWPRPO EMERCOM of Russia", during the training the rescuers worked off the landing on a limited area, landing with rescue equipment and equipment, as well as the evacuation of the victim with the help of a helicopter landing equipment. Exercises were carried out from the altitude of hovering helicopter to 20 and 40 meters from the surface of the earth.

All the rescuers who participated participated in the exercises without errors, good and excellent. A total of 98 runs were carried out, including 6 using helicopter winches.

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