"Primorye is a territory of friendship. Interview with Lyudmila Shokolenko, Chief Public Relations Specialist of Partizansk city

- Hello ! Today we are talking with Lyudmila Shokolenko, the chief public relations specialist of the Partizanski GO. I know you as a person to whom all are deeply respected. Tatars, Bashkirs, etc. How do you do it?
- Partizansk is a multinational city, about 40 nationalities live here. Therefore, it is not surprising that people seek each other, seek common interests, help each other. Any organization begins with a leader. There is a leader, then there is an organization.
- There are nationalities that actively meet, communicate, and there are closed communities. Are there Caucasian communities?
- No communities. There is a public organization of the sprout - there they invite representatives of Central Asia. There are both Armenians and Tatars. The Jewish community, for example, appeared in Partizansk 30 years ago. In the 1990s, the Su-chan organization appeared, which today operates and unites Koreans from Central Asia.
- You often visit different villages. There are many mixed families, how do you feel about this?
- This is normal . Because we are accustomed to evaluate people not according to national characteristics, but according to their soul. I'm here before you, I have both Ukrainian roots and Polish. I'm proud that I'm Russian. Whatever family we take, in our village there are many people of different nationalities. People take care of their traditions.

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