In the MFC of the village Kavalerovo, a working day begins with a dance warm-up.

In the MFC of the village Kavalerovo, a working day begins with a dance warm-up.

At work, as a holiday! The best in Primorsky Krai multifunctional center "My Documents" is located in the village of Kavalerovo. Its employees process hundreds of various citizens' applications every day. And to each task fit as creatively as possible.

Group charging before the start of the working day in this multifunctional center in Kavalerovo has long been a good tradition. It is necessary to get warmed up, after all this work, certainly, mobile you will not name. On the contrary here you need perseverance and concentration. No other way. Even now, the first visitor, and immediately the task is not simple, it is necessary to prescribe six people.

Nargiza Lyamina, a resident of the village of Fabrichny: "They came to register, it's convenient that there is a children's corner, you can not leave children at home."

Indeed, while Mom writes out everyone from the old house and prescribes in the new one, all four children are not bored and do not interfere with adults. In the children's corner of the MFC there is everything to occupy the kids.

Ariana Lyamina: "Here you can draw, play, watch cartoons, like my sister likes."

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