Moscow. Kremlin. 5th of December 2014. President performs with the annual message to the Federal Assembly of Russia. It was first performed this day "free port - Vladivostok". It is a phenomenon of modern Russian economy, called to create new mechanisms of the Far East development.
The status of free port has acted in Vladivostok from 1861 to 1909 years. Then in the beginning of twentieth century the special preferential regime change Vladivostok into one of the largest cargo turnover of the world! The city is literally rushed to foreign traders, industrialists and manufacturers. And historians said, that time in Vladivostok "every American thing cost three times cheaper than in America." So the free port changed military fortress Vladivostok into a bustling and rapidly growing town.
March 2016. Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Far East, the deputy chairman of the government Yuri Trutnev holds Vladivostok Free Port Supervisory Board meeting . They discuss the issue of resuming the construction of border crossings in the Primorye, the transition of the Far East customs to the new mode of operation, in order quick passing of goods, make transport and logistics services in the territory of Primorye more attractive and profitable for investors. This all is the necessary conditions for the start of the effective operation of the scheme of the Freeport Vladivostok area.
At the same meeting of the Freeport Supervisory Board was discussed investment projects applying for the right to work in the prerferentsy conditions Free Port of Vladivostok. Resident status immediately got 29 companies.
Realization of these projects can help to create 3000 new jobs in Primorye. The largest projects belong to logistics. Among them is Aviapolis "Jankowski". Here is the plan to create new objects of logistics and industry up to 2025. And built three modern warehouse complex already was build in the Artem city, the infrastructure: roads, communications, the Internet.
To simplify the procedure of the goods and cargo customs clearance, it brought in line with international standards is the main task for the realization of the of the law Free Port of Vladivostok. We should as soon as possible to start up the scheme of the transport corridors "Primorye -1" and "Primorye-2."
Now border checkpoints are working continuously in a test mode. In large ports such as Vladivostok and Nakhodka, conducted unloading of containers and distribution of goods in the customs control zone at night. However, the Declaration is still registered in the afternoon, but automatically, without the participation of the inspectors.
To speed up the procedure of crossing the border in the Far Eastern customs have other suggestions.
The more that now officially put into operation one of the most important freight transport corridors from China to South Korea. 104 containers already was driven by a new route from Harbin and Suifenhe to Busan over Russia.
By railways containers were transport the East port the, and then overload the ship and the sea are delivered to the Republic of Korea. The distance of 1,000 km overcome for 6 days. Now, it trains will run regularly - every week. And, if necessary, the number of flights will increase.
In Russia, China trains pass through the station Grodekovo, border region of Primorsky Krai and ports - Vostochny and Nakhodka. This route is called the "Primorye-1". Also, there is an active work on the second corridor "Primorye-2", which connects the south-western port of Primorye - Posiet, Zarubino and Slavyanka - with China. Over them it is also planned to establish a regular supply of goods from China's north to the south China
Meanwhile the loading terminals of Primorye ports start to use the system of raid transshipment complexes. For example, in the port of Slavyanka, which is part of the Freeport zone Vladivostok, several times already successfully used this new system reloading.
Such scheme is important for the Free Port of Vladivostok area. Now on the territory of Primorye only in the port of Vostochny and Vladivostok Commercial Port quay walls are adapted to handle container ships with a deep draft.
And because the flow of container traffic is constantly increasing, it experts developed a loading scheme that be used to the raids in the ports of southern Primorye. Raid reloading complex will sharply increase flow of goods from Primorye to all sea ports.
The first residents, who have declared to start to work in a zone free port of Vladivostok, became known in October 2015, immediately after the release of the Presidential Decree. By May 2016, the corporation of the Far East has already more than seventy applications. Not only from big companies. More over only big companies can take advantages of the preferences of this economic mechanism.
The Supervisory Board  is the main official organ which is authorized to determine the list of all the residents who will be allowed to work in privileged regime on the territory of the free port. The main task of the Supervisory Board is to prevent or eliminate excessive or unjustified intervention of oversight bodies in the activities of residents of a free port, and maximally secure regime of the whole complex of preferences provided for by federal law.
Future residents can submit their application in the website of the Corporation of the Far East, the procedure for obtaining the status of the resident of Free Port of Vladivostok is fully automated. To get is necessary to follow several conditions. Filed application should consider within 15 days. Potential residents of the Free Port of Vladivostok can claim not only new projects, but also those that have already been successfully operating with the prospect for their further development.

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