Vladivostok celebrated the Day of Russia

Vladivostok celebrated the Day of Russia

Concerts, flash mobs and entertainment programs were held at various place of the city.

The main and the largest place is the sports embankment.

There are concerts and creative sites for residents and city visitors.

The Day of Russia gives start to big events in the life of the national diasporas of the region.

In summer there are many festivals of national cultures of Primorye, like "Slavic Wind", "Sorochinskaya Fair".

The day before, the Yakut diaspora of Primorye presented its national holiday, which is becoming more popular in Primorye.

This year Russian beauties in national kokoshniks and sarafans perform in the Day of Russia.

Performances of different national diasporas of Primorye are a tradition that is becoming more and more popular.

In near future Primorye public organizations will hold a large festival of national cultures, which will be timed to the 80th anniversary of Primorye.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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