In Vladivostok, a car flash mob took place

In Vladivostok, a car flash mob took place

Today, on June 17, 2018, in Vladivostok, an automotive flash mob took place in the central square of the city! Its participants from 100 cars put down the words: IMPACT. There is no INSULT!

Flashmob video appeared on social networks.

As reported by @ khandoc69, more than 100 people of different professions, social groups, ages gathered in the square, the participants of the action wanted to tell everyone about the simple diagnosis of "Striking", because it is important to recognize the disease in time for a stroke. A "blow" makes it possible to recognize the first symptoms of a stroke, and 90% accurately determine the disease.

Diagnosis of an IMPACT is:

U - smile - a wry smile, a distorted face.

D - movement - weakness in the arm (and leg) on one side.

A - articulation - speech disturbance (can not speak, speaks like a drunk ("like a porridge in your mouth").

P is the solution, there are symptoms, we have 4.5 hours to take the person to the hospital, call 103 from the mobile.

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