The ship-borne strike group of the Pacific Fleet fought with the "enemy" submarine

The ship-borne strike group of the Pacific Fleet fought with the

On Monday, March 26, a ship anti-submarine strike group consisting of large anti-submarine ships "Admiral Tributs" and "Admiral Vinogradov" in cooperation with the deck-mounted helicopters Ka-27PL and anti-submarine aircraft Il-38N fulfilled the tasks of searching for and tracking the submarine of the conventional enemy. The role of the enemy submarine was played by one of the submarines of the association, "Vesti: Primorye" reports with reference to TASS.

The ships found a submarine and established steady contact with it, and later, on the opening, anti-submarine weapons were used against it. "Admiral Tributs" carried out the launch of two anti-submarine rocket-torpedoes, the second anti-submarine ship attacked the underwater enemy with torpedoes and rocket-propelled depth charges.

Followed the actions of antisubmarine forces and ensured the safety of the exercises of 10 warships and auxiliary vessels of the fleet.

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